Ohhh how special this couple is to me, and what an incredible photo session.  You're in for a visual treat today, friends!

Jenny and I went to college together at DAAP, and even though we now live far apart, she's still one of the sweetest and most talented photographers I know.  I feel very lucky to call her a friend, and, last year, my fiancé Jon and I were fortunate enough to be photographed by her in Red River Gorge!  

When Jenny and Bobby first met, I could tell he was someone special by the way she talked about him--giddy, excited, and totally lovestruck.  As this trip was the first time I got to meet Bobby in person, I wanted to do something special with them: a photo session!!

I tried to capture not only their brilliant personalities and love for each other, but Bobby's house and its surroundings as well: the cozy mountain lifestyle in the small town of Nederland, CO.  It only seemed fitting that we ventured to the spot where they went camping on their first date, surrounded by fourteeners and stars and the cool, crisp air of the Rockies.

Jenny and Bobby, you are both such dear friends to me, and I hope you cherish these photos as much as I cherished my time in Colorado.  You two are obviously perfect for each other, and I am so excited for you as you start your new life together in Nederland.

PS - I tried out some new skills for this session, just for fun!  I recently taught myself how to make GIFs in Photoshop (even though the internet likes to annihilate the crap out of them and make them look all pixellated), and I attempted a few long exposure night shots of the Milky Way (about 30 to 60 seconds each).   Enjoy!