Two years ago, Ashley and I hit it off immediately when she first contacted me about her wedding.  Back then, she and Mike were a party of two (with their cute dog, Rue!) and I was so excited to shoot their upcoming engagement session and wedding.

A few months after getting to know Ashley and Mike and taking their engagement photos, I received an email from Ashley that she needed to call and talk to me about something.  Unsure of what to expect, I was completely blown away when Ashley told me she and Mike were pregnant!!  Ashley explained that given the timing with their current wedding date & her due date, they were moving everything to an outdoor destination wedding in Norris Lake, TN a year later.  Ashley wanted to make sure that they could still keep me as their wedding photographer, and I answered with a resounding YES!!

I was elated to hear the news that Piper was born in summer 2015, and even more excited to shoot Ashley, Mike, and Piper's first professional photos as a family.  I feel so much happiness when photographing these three, as Ashley and Mike are so obviously head-over-heels for each other and "Lil Pipes" is so full of expression and joy (except when she's fussy--which is when it's time to break out the instrumental Pearl Jam playlist!).  

I felt that "Guaranteed" was the only proper tune to pair with their blog post, as Ashley and Mike are both huge Eddie Vedder fans and their wedding was loosely themed around Into the Wild (including their guest board, which read "Happiness only real when shared").  

Ashley and Mike, I can hardly express what a pleasure it has been to get closer to you over the past couple years and watch you grow as a family, and I can't wait to see where the years to come will take you.