It's hard to put into words how near and dear these two have become to my heart.  If I had to pick the one thing I love most about my job, it's the way it allows me make new friends--and brings me closer to old ones.

Allison and I attended college together in Cincinnati, but didn't keep in super close touch until she got engaged.  After she and Nick hired me as their wedding photographer, we started hanging out regularly--we discovered our shared love of all things foodie (um, two words: Rookwood brunch) and cocktail-related!  Allison and Nick are two of the kindest, most genuine, and downright AWESOME people I have ever met, and it was a delight to have a wedding planning buddy who was going through the same process as me at the same time--Allison even invited me to her bridal shower!  I cherish them both dearly as friends and, even though they live in St. Louis now, I hope that we become even closer friends over the years to come.

Allison and Nick's wedding day was such a reflection of their generosity and kindness--from their intimate ketubah signing to their beautiful, emotional ceremony, the day felt immensely joyous and loving.  The Phoenix's ambience lushly reflected Allison's penchant for classic, traditional elegance, and was the perfect place for friends and family to dance the night away!

Allison and Nick, I can't tell you what an honor it is to be your friend and to have been a part of your wedding day.  I wish you both nothing but love, happiness, and good food for many years to come.  <3  Mazel Tov!