There's a certain calm that comes after a rain.  The air holds a nostalgic fragrance, the bristles of the pine needles are alight with dew, the light is muted and the earth is dark.  Such was the feeling the morning of Lauren and Brian's wedding, deep in the woods of Camden, Ohio, the setting for their plein-air forest wedding.

Down-to-earth, intelligent, and funny, Lauren and Brian fit each other to a T.  Their playful banter and humorous glances are a delight to be around, while their deep affection for each other is ever-present, like a quiet gravity.  It's hard to imagine two people more perfect for one another, and a family more loving and supportive.

Lauren and Brian, I can't tell you how much it meant to me to capture your big day, and be a part of such a gorgeous and meaningful celebration.  Friends and family, don't forget that you can see more photos, share your favorites to social media, and order prints over at their full gallery:

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