Ohhh friends, I've got such a unique and incredible wedding for you today!!  When Lauren first contacted me, she asked if I remembered her—she was a friend of Angela’s at her big day nearly four years ago in Chicago—and I most certainly did!  It was lovely to reconnect with her and William and to hear about their upcoming wedding at her parents’ ranch in Mississippi.  By the time we hung up, I could hardly wait for October!

William and Lauren’s wedding was the type where the whole day felt like a story.  The town of Como greeted me, dewy and sleepy, with beams of morning light creeping into the inn where Lauren and the ladies were getting ready.  Meanwhile, over at Lauren’s parents’ home in Sardis—a breathtaking contemporary estate situated on vast, rolling acres of farmland—the house was abuzz with the smell of waffles and sausage cooking, Lauren's childhood friend assembling and icing the wedding cake, and William working quietly on his vows.  Through the windows, you could see glimpses of groomsmen helping to set up chairs for the ceremony and tables for the poolside cocktail hour.

It's always fascinating to me when the venue and other aspects of a wedding hold such personal meaning to the couple.  Lauren’s grandfather’s saddle and her horse, Jewel, both make guest appearances, William’s groomsman Nick provided a floating background soundtrack throughout the day on the grand piano, and you can even glimpse a few paintings nestled in the art collection by their friend Jonathan, an artist and poet, who also presided as officiant.  A gorgeous ranch, a lovely couple, and two warm, hospitable families truly set the stage for a perfect day, full of joy and beauty and significance.

I can’t begin to describe what a pleasure it was to capture the myriad details and glimpses that made up Lauren and William’s beautiful Mississippi ranch wedding.  By the way, as an extra treat, I created a few little fun things: there’s a photo composite of Lauren and William in front of the windows, stitched from images taken in the same room at different times (this was before they saw each other on their wedding day!); and, there’s an awesome GIF of Nick launching into the pool at the end of the night!  (I mean, truly, no late-night reception is complete without the groomsmen doing can-openers into a swimming pool, right?  Ha!)  

Friends and family, don’t forge that you can see more photos from Lauren and William's big day, share your favorites to social media, and order prints over at their full gallery!  Cheers!

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