I've got one for the books today, folks. Leah and Eric's wedding has ALL of the things that make me a happy photographer: a beautiful setting, incredible soft portrait light, and a head-over-heels lachrymose couple!! Look closely at the photo of Leah by the lake--there's even a brilliant scarlet cardinal in flight! Who could ask for a more perfect moment?

Leah and Eric's palette was simple and beautiful: fresh, natural, & organic-inspired details, such as the flowers in Leah's hair and the centerpieces she made with her mom. It all came together for the perfect intimate gathering in the woods at the Krippendorf Lodge, surrounded by lush trees and a peaceful lake. The morning started out with a heavy rain, but the clouds parted just before the ceremony and stayed away the entire day, leaving the flowers and foliage awash with a fresh sparkling dew. It was hard to imagine a more perfect setting than the Cincinnati Nature Center for their emotional vows and joyous reception under the stars! (Not to mention, a FROG in their ring photo.... and yes, he's real! Scroll down to see him!!)

Leah and Eric, it was such an honor and pleasure to capture you two. And friends & family--don't forget that you can see more photos from Eric and Leah's big day over on their wedding gallery!

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