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Wow!  I definitely did not expect such outstanding results from this year's Shoot & Share International Photography Contest!!  It was fun to see so many incredible images by photographers from around the world, and to find out which of my photos resonated most with others.

The Shoot & Share Contest is self-described as the only “free and fair” photo contest in the world, because it doesn't cost anything to enter and voting is completely anonymous.  This year, over four hundred thousand photos were submitted from 159 different countries, and almost 100 MILLION votes were cast to determine the winners.

The awards I received in 2018 are:

– 1 image in the Top 100 OVERALL!!

–4 “Finalist” images (in the top 500 of their category)

– 6 images in the top 10%

– 6 images in the top 20%

– 8 images in the top 30%

I entered this contest simply because I like to see what others are creating, what's trending in the wedding photography world, and to be able to support other photographers in their craft.  I don't really take the results that seriously, but it was nice to get a bright little spot of recognition in my inbox this morning.  :)

Here are my winning photos from the competition & their ranking in their respective categories:

Thanks for the love, Shoot & Share community! <3

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