Slovenia in February is cold, cold, COLD!!  But very beautiful.  Even driving through the mountains to Croatia was just breathtaking. 

I went a little photocrazy at Lake Bled (Blejsko Jezero), though you can probably understand why!!  The whole area feels like a snow-dusted fairytale.  I was freaking out (in a good way) about the clear waters and imposing mountain peaks.  Anna and I paid a few euros to take a boat to the tiny island in the center of the lake, where we climbed up to the top of the tower of the Pilgrimage Church and got wet butts from sitting on the wooden boat dock. 

There's a few photos of downtown Ljubljana toward the end of this post; however, I spent most of our time in the city enjoying the delicious food, taking walks along the river, and making stupid faces in selfie videos, so I don't have a whole lot of images from Ljubljana.  Highlights included a nice view of the rooftops from the steep hike up to the castle, playing around near the Dragon Bridge at night, and our "hipster Cracker Barrel" (Anna gets all the credit for coining that one) industrial loft.  :)

And these last few I snapped on the side of the road after making a wrong turn.  Haha!

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