Happy Monday, friends!  I am back from my travels in Iceland, and I am SO excited to share with you not only a first glimpse of (many) photos, but one of my favorite small-world stories that I've ever had as a wedding photographer!!

Here's the backstory: some time ago, Vy contacted me about shooting her and Shane's wedding in St. Maarten this coming September--Vy explained that they weren't technically engaged yet, but wanted to get a jump on their wedding planning.  We got along SUPER well on the phone, and I was so excited to be their photographer!!  Vy and I chatted about my upcoming trip to Iceland, and she gushed about how jealous she was that I was there, and that she couldn't wait to see photos when I got back!

While I was in Reykjavík, I got a notification that Shane had emailed me.  Curious, I opened the email to find that, incredibly, Shane had previously planned a surprise trip to Iceland to propose to Vy, and they would be there in two days!!  WHAT.  OH MY GOSH.  Can we say best coincidence ever?!?  Obviously, we had to do a photo session to celebrate their new engagement!!

Iceland is an incredible place with a bounty of photogenic natural landscapes--really, it's almost overwhelming to choose a spot.  After some scouting, I found a quiet black sand beach with icy blue glacial runoff coming down from the snow-covered mountains.  It was perfect!  What a delight it was to frolic in the late afternoon setting sun, taking in the gorgeousness of the bright blue water and getting to know these two before their big day.  (All props go to Vy and Shane for being such troopers, by the way--it was not warm out, haha!)

Shane and Vy, I can't believe what a lucky surprise it was that we were in Iceland at the same time, and what a delight to get to know you two better and take your photos!  I literally can't wait for September... I'll see you again soon, in a MUCH warmer place next time!  ;-)

I chose the song Vor í Vanglaskógi by Kaleo for this post, and thought the English translation of the Icelandic lyrics was really beautiful.  Here is an excerpt below:

The night is ours
Spring in the wood of skies
We head to the hearth with our tent, where the berries grow
Take me, dear friend, to the mirth of yesterdays
Where our creek runs free and the birch will blow

Light in the mountains
Scent from our dearest fountains
The wind is counting your hair in the light aglow